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Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow Ball Mill is the equipment for grinding ores or other materiel with a certain particle size into smaller size.

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By taking the mode of air clutch or liquid state soft start, smooth starting of ball mill main motor and shell is realized, which could decrease installed power and reduce starting current from 6.5 times of direct starting to 2.5 times.

Using hybrid bearing or pitot-static pressure bearing. For hybrid bearing: taking combined lubrication with high-low pressure oil station, high pressure lubrication is used on start/stop to rise the revolving member, and low pressure lubrication is used during normal running. For pitot-static pressure bearing: using high pressure lubrication to rise the revolving member during whole process. Both two forms of bearing can effectively avoid the phenomenon of “bush burning”, increase service life of bearing.

Bearing types: single pad Babbitt alloy, single pad high leaded bronze, slide shoe bearing (Babbitt alloy).

Driving form: single driving with synchronous motor, single driving with induction motor, double driving with synchronous motor, double driving with induction motor, non-gear driving with ring motor.

Improving automatic control level of mill. Using PLC control system, which has functions of audio and light alarming, fault diagnosis and so on, realized mechanical-electrical-hydraulic control integration. 

Overflow Ball Mill

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