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Rod Mill

Rod mill is named after the cylinder body for grinding loaded by steel bar.

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  • Advantages
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  • Principle
  • Technical Parameter

1. To save power - comparison to old type of device save more than 40% power. The particle size is more uniform, with less coarse particles together and slime.

2. The use of advanced control access to material rod mill technology, combined with the actual users’ abrasive material to cutters with the appropriate grinding , ball mill is changed the traditional surface contact to line contact, making machine more uniform, higher yields ,and be used in different hardness (Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 12) of ore.

3. Fineness adjustable - can be changed the granularity of the material by simply adjusting, built fineness control device, the material can be added screening device, two checks to ensure that neither produced wear and tear nor leave substandard products into finished products.

Rod Mill

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