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XJM Flotation Machine

XJM Flotation Machine is mechanical agitation self-suction flotation machine.

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  • Advantages
  • Application
  • Principle
  • Technical Parameter

1.The flotation machine series use mechanical agitation,new unique slurry in-feed type,seasonable fluidization ,big treating capacity.

2.High air inflation efficiency,wide adjustment range,quick flotation speed.Under the status of open,to adjust air inflation in random.

3.Agitation structure is with bent blades impeller and radial steady flow plate,make coal slurry circulation and suitable inflation.

4.For different coal,particle size and concentration,optimize hydrodynamics parameter,to make high density and coarse,fine sizes coal to get ideal separation efficiency.

5.Compact structure,light weight,reliable operatioin.High speed flotation,high selection for fine particles,good coarse particles flotation efficiency.

6.Low energy and medicine consumption, installation and realistic power consumption all smaller than same types same model flotation machine.

7.Reasonable structure parameter,small size,Compatibility with old equipment.

8.High running reliability,convenient operating maintenance,slurry liquid level single point control,automatic adjustment,also manual adjustment.

9.Impeller and rotator use wearing material,life time reaches to 3~5 years. 

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